Yorkshire Street becomes High Street in the foreground. At the far end of High street a double deck 'bus in Oldham's livery turns into George Street. Further down george Street people can be seen waiting for their 'buses. Another double decker, this time in Manchester livery and possibly on the number 98 route from Waterhead to Manchester, turns right from George Street into Barn Street. In the right background the three cooling towers of Chadderton Power Station can just be made out in the murk.
Looking roughly to the South. Union Street can just be seen in the bottom left hand corner with, I think, Greaves Street running down to it. In th background near the bottom of the prominent chimney is what I think is Clegg Street, crossing thr railway and leading to the remains of Clegg Street Railway Station.
I hope that I've managed to identify all the streets correctly- unless you know better! If you do please let me know. david@dflitcroft.co.uk
Rock Street is prominent in this view, running down towards it's junction with Horsedge Street. Rhodes Bank with Mumps beyond in the background centre right.
'Tommyfield' market on the right with the old market hall on Albion Street in the centre. Still a good number of mill chimneys in evidence down towards North Moor, Busk and North Chadderton.

In the late 1800's and until the 1960's my family had strong connections with the St Mary's Ward of Oldham, close to St. Mary's Parish Church. My mother's Aunt Lily lived in the Barnett family home on Shaw Street almost until her death, shortly before the demolition seen in some of these pictures. The Waites family were also in this area, living at various times on Horsedge Street and Radcliffe Street. My grandfather Waites was a bellringer at the Parish Church, from the tower of which these photographs were taken in late 1963 or early 1964. At the time of my visit there still existed in the ringing chamber several plaques recording record peals carried out by the ringers. The names of my grandfather and uncle featuring on them.

Unfortunately my photographic expertise was not much developed in the early 60's, the camera used was an elderley (even then) Ilford Sportsman.

Around St Mary's Parish Church

All photographs © David A Flitcroft CPAGB

The Bluecoat School features prominently in the background of this shot, as does the junction of Egerton Street and Horsedge Street. Rock Street is just visible in the bottom right hand corner.

This view is looking roughly to the North. Shaw Street ran approximately from left to right approximately in the area of the remaining gable end right centre. I remember visiting my mother's aunts Sally, Polly and Lily Barnett who lived at No. 29 if I remember correctly, where Thomas Barnett was recorded as living as far back as 1892.
I think that the street running away from the camera in the centre is Radcliffe Street, with Lord Street further Left.