Barnett Family
My maternal Grandmother was Eliza Waites, who, before her marriage was Eliza Barnett. Her father was Thomas Barnett, who was born in Macclesfield and moved to Oldham. If this was prior to his marriage or after I do not know. At sometime between the census in 1881 and 1891 Thomas and his family moved to 29 Shaw Street, in Oldham, three of his unmarried daughters lived their for the rest of their lives. Auntie Lily being the last survivor living their until just before the house was demolished in late 1963 or early 1964. The house was in St Mary's Ward, Oldham. It was a two up, two down terrace with a shared outside toilet. To the day it was demolished it had no running hot water, and with only one cold water tap and a sandstone 'slopstone' rather than a sink. I always enjoyed visiting No. 29. T

This is Aunt Polly (Mary Alice Barnett). Sadly this picture and the one above are the only ones I have of my Mother's three Aunts.
here was always a warm welcome and the kettle was always singing on the blackleaded grate. I remember the 'British Bulldog' picture and the horsehair sofa, which prickled the backs of my legs when I was in short trousers. When I was young it was a Saturday ritual to go shopping with my mother in Oldham, usually including a visit to Tommyfield Market followed by the short walk to Shaw Street to visit mum's three maiden Aunts, Polly, Sally and Lily. James (Uncle Jim) lived on Westminster Street with Auntie Ethel. As for the other children of Thomas and Elizabeth I never remember meeting them, nor for that matter, hearing them mentioned.
Name: Thomas BARNETT
Birth Date: 1854
Birth Place: Macclesfield, Cheshire
Occupation: Spindle Grinder
Spouse: Elizabeth ?
Children: Mary Alice (Auntie Polly)
Elizabeth (Auntie Lily)
John W.
Sarah Anne (Auntie Sally)

At 2 Ruth Street, Oldhamin 1881
At 29 Shaw St., Oldham, in 1892











Ringed are Aunt Sally (Sarah Anne Barnett) and my Grandfather Alfred Edward Waites pictured as part of the cast of a St Mary's Parish Church Operatic Society production of 'The Prince and the Pedlar' March 3rd 5th and 6th 1916.































My mother's cousin Fred on the occaision of his marriage to Irene.

Uncle Jim, Aunt Ethel and cousin Fred.









This is Uncle Jim (James Barnett) pictured in 1914











This is Eliza, my Grandmother, who lived with us until her death in 1959, when I was sixteen.
Name: Eliza BARNETT
Birth Date: May 9, 1881
Birth Place: 29 Shaw St. Oldham
Death Date: Feb 14, 1959
Death Place: 13 Ruskin Avenue, Chadderton
Burial Date: Feb 18, 1959
Burial Place: Hollinwood Cemetery
Occupation: Cotton Cardroom Hand.
Religion: C Of E

Father: Thomas BARNETT (1854-)
Mother: Elizabeth ? (1854-)
Spouse: Alfred Edward WAITES
Marriage Date: Feb 8, 1908
Marriage Place: Parish Church Of St. Mary, Oldham.
Children: Elizabeth
Alfred Anthony