Waites Family
Aged 9 years
Four Months

Birth Date: 5 Feb 1914
Birth Place: 87 Radcliffe St. Oldham
Christen Place: Oldham Parish Church
Death Date: 28 Jul 1998
Death Place: Royal Oldham Hospital
Burial Date: 4 Aug 1998
Burial Place: Hollinwood Crem.
Occupation: Housekeeper
Religion: C Of E

Father: Alfred Edward WAITES (1883-1934)
Mother: Eliza BARNETT (1881-1959)

Spouse: Ellis FLITCROFT
Marriage Date: 30 Sep 1939
Marriage Place: Oldham Parish Church
Children: David Anthony

Reference Note 2
Entry No. 489, Book 22, Oldham Central.

Aged Six years

As far as I know my mother, Edith, was the last of the immediate Waites family.
(See the Descendants of Charles Waites page).

Aged 12 years
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Sadly my Uncle Alfred Anthony died at the early age of 18years in 1936 so I never knew him. I am named Anthony for him. Some say that I look a lot like him.


Name: Alfred Anthony WAITES

Birth Date: 15 Jun 1917
Birth Place: 29 Radcliffe St. Oldham.
Christen Place: Oldham Parish Church
Death Date: 22 Apr 1936
Death Place: Oldham
Burial Date: 24 Apr 1936
Burial Place: Hollinwood
Religion: CofE

Father: Alfred Edward WAITES (1883-1934)
Mother: Eliza BARNETT (1881-1959)











Name: Eliza BARNETT
Birth Date: 9 May 1881
Birth Place: 29 Shaw St. Oldham
Death Date: 14 Feb 1959
Death Place: 13 Ruskin Avenue, Chadderton
Burial Date: 18 Feb 1959
Burial Place: Hollinwood Cemetery
Religion: C Of E

Father: Thomas BARNETT

Spouse: Alfred Edward WAITES
Marriage Place: Parish Church Of St. Mary, Oldham.
Children: Elizabeth
Alfred Anthony

Name: Elizabeth WAITES

Birth Date: 13 Dec 1908
Birth Place: 97 Horsedge St. Oldham.
Christen Place: Oldham
Death Date: 1995
Death Place: Oldham
Burial Place: Cremated At Hollinwood.
Religion: CofE

Father: Alfred Edward WAITES (1883-1934)
Mother: Eliza BARNETT (1881-1959)

Spouse: Frank LOMAX
Marriage Date: 1938
Marriage Place: Oldham
Children: Steven

Elizabeth, my Aunt Betty, was my mother's elder sister.The picture on the left is the earliest I have of her. The picture on the right is date stamped 1934, which would make Elizabeth 25years old. The picture in the centre was taken in 1916 when she was 7.
Eliza, my grandmother lived with us 'til her death and spent a lot of time looking after me when my mother returned to work.













Name: Alfred Edward WAITES

Birth Date: 3 Jun 1883
Birth Place: 2 Alexandra Place, Balsall Heath Road, Birmingham.
Death Date: 3 Jul 1934
Death Place: Oldham
Burial Date: 7 Jul 1934
Burial Place: Hollinwood Cemetery
Occupation: Forwarding Clerk
Religion: C Of E

Father: Charles James Edward WAITES (1845-1916)
Mother: Ruth RAYMENT (1851-1916)

Spouse: Eliza BARNETT
Marriage Place: Parish Church Of St. Mary, Oldham.
Children: Elizabeth
Edith and Alfred Anthony

Sadly my grandfather died in 1934 so I never new him.
The owl was found near Allerton, Leeds on June 11th 1921. It became something of a celebrity around the centre of Oldham after it's release, numerous sightings being recorded.
The photo on the right was taken on the occaision of a works outing to Alderley Edge in July 1913. My Grandfather is the tall chap in the bowler hat, second from the right on the back row.















Name: Charles James Edward WAITES

Birth Date: 7 Feb 1845
Birth Place: Islington, London, Middlesex
Death Date: 25 Nov 1916
Death Place: 118 Beeston Hill, Leeds. (Residence Of Charles Flood, Nephew
Burial Date: 29 Nov 1916
Burial Place: Beeston Cemetery, Leeds.
Occupation: Gas Meter Tester4

Father: Charles WAITES (1806-)
Mother: Elizabeth GOULD (1802-)

Spouse: Ruth RAYMENT
Marriage Date: 17 Oct 1875
Marriage Place: Parish Church Of St. Mary, Islington, Middlesex
Children: Elizabeth Emma
Eliza Maud
Charles William
Alfred Edward

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Reference Note 4
In 1881 at 131 Balsall Heath Road, Birmingham

This photograph of Ruth is the only one I have of my great- grandmother. Family legend has it that, prior to her marriage to Charles, Ruth was in-service to Queen Victoria's secretary.







This is my great grandfather Charles J.E. Waites with his eldest son, and my great uncle, Charles William who sadly died at the age of 24 years






Assorted Documents and Photographs

This is Eliza Gould (b. 1802) my great great grandmother who married Charles Waites.


My grandfather Alfred Edward Waites was a bellringer at St Mary's Parish Church for many years. He is seated on the front row second from the right. The bellringers are: back row - J Lees, V Sykes, R Greenwood, H Barlow, C Marsland., front row- J Thicket, M Newton, M Sykes, A Waites, E Geary.
Vernon and Marie Sykes'were related to Eric the famous comedian, actor, writer Eric Sykes.





Rebecca (b.1836) and Mary Elizabeth (b.1833) my great aunts. Rebecca married in the 1870's and emigrated to Queensland. Mary Elizabeth married William Flood ( See Flood page)


















Parish Church Scool, Oldham, Prefects. May 5th 1931. My uncle Alfred ringed.

The marriage certificate of my grandfather and grandmother. Interestingly there is a mistake on the certificae. Charles William Waites who is named as Alfred's father was actually his brother, being two years the elder.