Gallery One


A Clockwork Orange Tightly Packed A_walk_in_the_woods Aber_Valley_1
A Clockwork Orange Tightly Packed - Caernarfon A Walk in the Woods Tree above the Aber Valley
Aber_Valley_2 Aber_Valley_4 Above Fron Across_the_straits_mono
tree and Wall - Aber In the Aber Valley Slate Quarry, Fron Across the Menai Straits
Anglesey_Farm Arras_rail Bridgework Burnham
An Anglesey Farm Arras Bridgework Burnham on Sea
Calico Schoolhouse Calico Store Changing-the-Guard Common_Zebra
Calic Schoolhouse The Music Store, Calico Ghost Town Changing the Gaurd Common Zebra, Tsavo West, Kenya