Spain Portugal and Morocco 2006


Aalatriste AArches_Alhambra_Palace Beggar_Casablanca Berber_Child
Alatriste In Plaza Mayor, Madrid Archway to stairs on the balcony of the Charles V Palace in the Alhambra, Granada Beggar, Casablanca Berber Child in a small village in the Ourika Valley near Marrakesh.
Cooling Off Cruz Blanca Doing a Deal Girl_in_Green
Cooling of in the Medina at Fes Cerviceria Cruz Blanca, Madrid Doing a Deal, Plaza Major, madrid The Girl in Green, Rabat
In the Medina#1 In_the_Medina_Fez In_the_Medina_Marrakech Into the Unknown
In the Medina at Fes In the Medina at Fes In the Medina at Marrakech Into the Unknown, Madrid
Lamp and Wall - Avila Metal_Sculpture Monument_to_the_Discoveries Museum_Madrid
Lamp and Wall Avila Metal Sculpture, Portugal Monument to the Discoveries, Lisbon Museum, Madrid
Outside the Hassan II Mosque Palace_Guard#2 Palace_Guard Penitents_Fatima
Outside the Hassan II Mosque, Casablanca Palace Guard #2, Rabat Palace Guard, Rabat Penitents at Fatima, Portugal
Running Repairs Shrine to the New God Staircase_Alhambra_Palace Station Lamp
Running Repairs, Marrakech Shrine to the new God, Ourika Valley, Marrakech Staircase, Alhambra Palace, Granada, Spain. Lamp, Atoch Railway Station
Street Scene Strolling Tannery_at_Fes Travellers
Modern transport, Marrakech Strolling, Madrid The Ancient Tannery in the Medina at Fes Travellers at Atocha Railway Station, Madrid
Peering through the Palace Gates, Marrakech