David A Flitcroft
Railway Photography


1974/2 May and June

29th May. The 09.30 Bury to manchester Vic. emu crossing the M62 and A56 at Besses o' th' Barn

29th May. 40034 with an up freight approaching Lostock Junction

29th May. 50 036 with the morning Glasgow to Manchester Vic. at Lostock Junction

31st May. Two days later 47 534 has the Glasgow, and

40 004 has the up freight.

13th June. 09.45. 47 444 approaching Farnworth tunnel on an unidentified working, the 'Glasgow' followed behind 47 194 five minutes later.

13th June 15.10. 40 129 with a long train of coal empties.

22nd June. The 15.30 manchester victoria to Bury emu approaching Radcliffe.M77177 nearest the camera.

26th June. 85 005 leaving Manchester Piccadilly for Longsight Carriage Sidings.

28th June. 40 045 passing Agecroft Junction with a down freight. 12.45

followed by 47 120 with the Manchester Vic. to Glasgow

40 007 approaching the junction and passing the site of Agecroft mpd and the entrance to Agecroft Colliery.

50 022 with newspaper empties for Red Bank sidings.



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