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Railway Photography


1974/4 September

I had a North West runabout ticket which allowed unlinited travel for three days in week in an area from Windermeret to Llandudno. Why my first day consisted of a visit to Liverpool Lime Street station from about 15.15 to 16.00 I can't remember!!

Day 1. A vist to Liverpool Lime Street, 2nd September

The 14.17 from Manchester Piccadilly, formed by two 'Derby lightweight' two car sets,emerges from the tunnels.

Folowed a few minutes later by 86 213 on the 12.50 from London Euston.

46 046 waits for it's next job.

BRCW Motor Composite E50561 substituting for a 'Trans-Pennine' unit driving car. The only time I recall seeing this happen.

A general view, A 'Cravens' two car set in the centre.

Another 'Derby' unit M56278 leading arrive as the 15.07 from Warrington.

Day 2. 3rd September: Manchester, Blackpool, Preston, Wigan and Manchester

Stage one was to catch the train from Heaton Park to Manchester. The first shot of the day, in the rain,65493 leading and 77174 between the tunnels at Heaton Park forming the 10.30 Manchester Victoria to Bury service.

The 11.15 train for Blackpool is formed by two BRCW 3-car units. Business is brisk.

It's raining hard in Blackpool. 40 032 waits departure with a London train.Becauseof the rain I joined the train and went back to Preston. Interestingly the loco had it's Scythia nameplate in position on the other side only.

Back in Preston it's still raining as 50 036 arrives at the south end with the Manchester portion of a train for Glasgow.

At the other end of the staion 47 537 leaves for blackpool with the 11.00 train from Euston.

Back at the south end 87 015 had expired on A Glasgow to Euston train and was taken by 87 010 some thirty minutes late.

86 020 is ready to leave with the 12.10 glasgow to Euston train.I joined the train and took a ride down to Wigan North Western

86 021 arrives at Wigan North Western with a parcels train for the Scottish region. The weather has brightened and there is promise of some sun.

87 021 arrives at platform 5 with the 13.45 Euston to Glasgow. A service from Liverpool Lime Street has recently arrived at platform 3.

87 021 leaves with the Glasgow train.

50 035 arrives with the Liverpool portion of a train from Edinburgh and Glasgow.

83 011 stands at platform 5 with a northbound parcels train for the Preston area.

It was getting towards time to be heading for home so I took the short walk to Wallgate station. Wallgate was the L&Y station in Wigan being on the Manchester to Liverpool/Southport route.

In contrast to North Western, wallgate showed few signs of modernisation. 47 402 heads a northbound oil train up the WCML which crosses the line from Wallgate just to the West of that station.

47 402 heading north. My train home was a train from Southport again formed by a pair BRCW 3-car set.

It's 17.30 my train is stopped at Atherton as a Manchester Victoria to Southport train approaches. This used to be a four track L&Y main line. This proved to be my last shot of the day.


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