David A Flitcroft
Railway Photography


1974/Part 5

Day Three: Manchester, Llandudno Junction, Chester, Warrington and Manchester

Down to Manchester Vic via the 9.00 emu ex Bury so I was at Victoria about 9.25, the intention being to catch the 10.20 to Holyhead.

24023 was duty banker.

A class 40 trundles along the eastbound through road having passed through Exchange station, closed but the tracks still in use. 24023 waiting for business.

40 033 passed through on another freight and still had at least one nameplate!

Another '40', this time 40 118 has run down the bank from Miles Platting, the steepness of the bank can be seen at the back of the train.

A trans-Pennine unit forming the 07.43 hull to Liverpool Lime Street train leaves platform 11 middle, and makes way for the Holyhead which I caught.

40 027 and the Manchester Vic to Holyhead about to join the WCML at Winwick Junction, and it's raining.

I got off at Chester (a mistake as it was still raining hard) and had time to get to the platform end to take 40 027 as it left for Holyhead.

From the same platform end the diesel depot, with a variety of dmus, including a couple of 'Derby' twins, what looks like a 'Park Royal' set and some 'Metro Cammel' sets in the depot. I decided to catch the next train to Llanduno Junction.

Where 2 two car 'Metro Cam' sets were sitting in the bay.

The 10.00 Euston to Bangor was used, from time to time, for running-in locos just out of Crewe works. 40 049 was coupled ahead of
47 437 on this day. Seen here waiting to leave.

47 437 seems to be doing most of the work as the pair get away past the signal box,

and head towards the tubular bridge over the Conwy, with the castle in the background.

I decided to catch the Holyhead to Euston back to Chester and saw it appear by the castle behind 47 529.

and had time to change cameras before it arrived. The sun just making an appearance for the first time.

The station stop at Chester was fairly leisurely so I had time to change platforms and get 47 529 as it set off for Crewe.

40 032 Empress of Canada was next arrival and here waits for the road with newspaper empties for Manchester Red Bank.


24041 in the siding as a 'Metro Cam' unit leaves for manchester Piccadilly.

40 105 approaches with the 13.00 Euston to Holyhead passing 24 041 in the siding.

This was taken as I waited to catch the next train to Warrington.

At Warrington I had about forty minutes before catching the train back to Manchester.47 242 passed through heading for the sidings at the south end to pick up its train.

25 111 heads south with a mixed freight.

86 022 approaches at speed with the 14.45 Euston to Glasgow.

86219 speeds south with the 14.10 Glasgow to Euston as a green liveried '47' runs through the other platform.

86 008 pulls away with the 15.42 Carlisle to Euston

as 86 023 arrives with the 15.00 Euston to Carlisle after which it was back to Manchester.

Back at Manchester Victoria 40 003 had just arrived with a train from Blackpool.

And 24 023 was still waiting to bank trains up to miles Platting.


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