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After going back to work in early september opportunities for photography were more limited and most shots were failrly local. Many shots were taken on the Manchester to Bolton line at Kearsley and some of these can be seen on a seperate gallery.

11th September. 47239, near Ladybridge, south of Lostock Junction, with the Manchester portion of a train from Glasgow and Edinburgh.

14th September. The 09.30 emu from Manchester Victoria approaches Bury and passes Bury South signal box.

24th September. 25 112, with a brake van, takes the Wigan line at Lostock Junction.

24th September. A Blackpool to Manchester Victoria train formed by two 3-car 'BRCW white stripe' sets at Green Lane, Farnworth. I believe that the waste ground in the background was once occupied by Bolton steam mpd.

24th September. At green Lane looking towards Moses Gate. 47 515 heads the 12.50 Scottish train from Manchester Victoria.


24th September. 47 366 leaves Bolton with newspaper empties for Red Bank, Manchester. 08 129 is Bolton station pilot in the foreground.

3rd October. 47 444 has the 12.50 to Edinburgh approaching Farnworth tunnel.

12th October.A three car 'Metro Cammel' set forming the 13.10 Leeds to Manchester Victoria train is passing the site of the present day Mills Hill station between Castleton and Manchester on the Manchester and Leeds main line.The 400mm lens exaggerates the deviation of the line when the original bridge over the Rochdale canal was replaced. the original girders (on the left) are still in place.I have often wondered why the deviation was constructed rather than just replacing the bridge. The deviation does rather spoil the line of George Stephenson's original route.Middleton Junction signal box can just be made out beyond the train and the line disappears near Moston station..

22nd October. 50 021 has passed the station and approaches the signal box at Moses Gate with 1P20 the 12.50 from Manchester Vic to Scotland.

22nd October. A 'Cravens power twin' two car set on the 12.31 Blackburn to Manchester Vic. approaching Green Lane. Site of Bolton mpd on the left.

My trusty Edixa Prismat was now ten years old and on Friday November 1st I bought a Pentax SP1000 for mono work with the intention of using the Edixa for colour. The built in meter of the Pentax proved a great boon. The 55mm f2 standard lens was about the best I've used.

2nd November. I had been accepted into membership of the Phoenix Railway Photographic Circle earlier in the year (thirty years on I now look after their web site www.phoenixrpc.co.uk) and was on my way to the first AGM to be held in Birmingham.This was my first shot with the new Pentax. The 08.30 emu from Manchester arrives at Bury Bolton Street. The line curving off to the left goes down to Knowsley Street and Castleton.

09.55, 2nd November. At Manchester Piccadilly to catch the train to Birmingham. A four car dmu from Chester to Oxford Road station approaches one of the two through roads. In the other through platform stands 40 015 Aquitania at the head of a southbound 'footex' special. 87 027 is at the front of the 10.10 to Euston.

2nd November. 40 015's boiler seems to be working well as it leaves with the 'footex'. 87 027 on the right.

2nd November. 40 015 gets away as a 'Hadfield emu set' approaches.

2nd November. A @45' leaves Birmingham New street with a train for Bristol.

2nd November. A class 87 between turns at the north end of Birmingham New Street.

16th November. the 10.00 from Man. Viv. arrives at Bury on a misty morning

18th November. A class 25 crosses Stoneclough Road, Kearsley with a train of empties from the power station.

4th December. It was necessary to catch the train to Bolton at Moses Gate, the wait proved interesting! First came 40 011 Mauretania at about 11.00 with an up freight.

Closely followed at 11.05 by a 'Cravens' power twin on a Blackburn to Man Vic. service.

Which was again closely followed at 11.10 by 40 025 Lusitania (which had lost at least one of it's nameplates) on another up freight.

Whilst at Bolton the 'Cravens' unit that I'd arrived on left for Blackburn.

08 524 appeared on a trip from the local goods yard, at Tonge, if I remember rightly.

A Man. Vic. to Blackpool service formed by one of the usual 'BRCW' units.

11th December.The following week it was necessary to go to the same place at the same time. Not as busy or interesting this time. A Blackpool to Man. Vic train passed through as I was at Moses Gate.

At Bolton a preston to Manchester empty stock dmu passed through.

The same Man Vic to Blackpool service as the previous week passed through,

and, what proved to be my last shot of the year, 40 045 took a van train towards Preston.


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