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January and February

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At the start of 1975 I was using a Pentax SP1000 with 55, 135 and 400mm lenses, mainly for monochrome work with my Edixa Prismat for colour work.Both cameras having the M42 screw fitting for attment of lenses.I regret now that I still used Agfa CT18 for colour as the older slides haven't keep too well, probably due to the conditions I have stored them in. Monochrome film used was Ilford FP4 in the main.

11th January. this is the14.15 Manchester Victoria to Rochdale via Oldham crossing the Rochdale Canal at Wrigley Head between Failsworth and Hollinwood.

16th January.12.30. 40 011 passing Kearsley heading towards Bolton with a freight, followed by

50 040 on the 12.50 Manchester Victoria to Edinburgh. Despite class '50's being transferred to Western Region this train remained a regular '50' turn.

17th January. !5.30. Clifton Junction Station seems to have had some recent attention. A class 104, possibly on a Southport to Manchester Victoria service. The actual junction was just behind the photographer, the line to Bury branching off to the right.The light coloured area on the down platform shows the position of the bridge over the line from Molyneaux Junction (which was a couple of hundred yards to the right on the Bury line) to Patricroft.A short distance along this line to the left was Clifton Hall Tunnel.

This is the view from above the entrance to the ill-fated Clifton Hall Tunnel looking towards Clifton Junction. The CEGB tip from Agecroft Power station can be seen encroaching onto the former trackbed. There was a yard for what I think was Clifton Hall Colliery here.

This is the view from the former trackbed looking towards what used to be the tunnel entrance. The tunnel collapsed on 28th April !953. A pair of houses built above the tunnel fell into the void caused. Tragically five people were killed. The tunnel was filled in and the line closed.

18th January. Two shots of the remains of Tottington Station on the Bury to Holcombe Brook branch. Looking towards Bury. the remains of the platform on the right.

Looking towards Holcombe Brook. The line went to the right, the goods yard was on the left. the station in the vee between the two. the line opened in 1882 and closed completely on 19 August 1963. At the time the photo was taken small items e.g. signal wire cranks could still be found in the undergrowth.

5th February. passing Kearsley signalbox is 50 034 with the morning Glasgow to Manchester Victoria. The connecting line from the sidings to the power station passed under the bridge this side of the signal box. The line and part of the sidings was overhead electrified and operated by steeple cabbed locos which I managed never to see.

Winwick 7th February.

I spent some time here on the WCML from about 12.30 to 16.30. At Winwick the WCML closely parallels the Sankey canal which was completely closed by 1963. The section seen in these images has since been infilled.

Clicking the image of 24 050 on the down slow with a freight will show a gallery of images taken on this day.



22nd February. Three shots of an RSH 0-6-0 at the East Lancs Railway Transport Museum openday


The 1970s

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