David A Flitcroft
Railway Photography
The 1970s


The Railway in Action, August 1971

This was the only time that I've visited the railwayAnne, my wife, and I spent a fortnight based at Port Erin, which was convenient for the railway, which at that time ran from Douglas to Port Erin.

Whilst we were there the trains were worked by three of the 2-4-0 tank engines, No4 Loch, No.11 Maitland and No.13 Kissack. These built by Beyer, Peacock & Co in 1874, 1905 and 1910 respectively.

To begin with a few shots taken in the main station at Douglas

this is 'Maitland' leaving Douglas with a morning train For Port Erin.

'Loch' leaving with a well loaded train

'Loch' leaving Douglas on a gloomy afternoon.

'Loch' again arriving from Port Erin on a sunny afternoon

Between Douglas and Castletown

'Kissack' climbing away from Douglas

'Kissack' still climbing, with steam to spare.

'Maitland' with a train for Port Erin leaving Douglas.

and on the climb away towards Port Soderick

'Kissack' drifting downgrade near Santon


A main point for crossing up and down trains, so it was usually possible to see two trains at the one time.

'Loch' sizzling in the sun with a train for Douglas waiting for

'Maitland' to arrive with the Port Erin train.

'Loch' again, note the well patched side tanks.

and 'Loch' ready for off.

As 'Maitland' leaves for Port Erin

Port Erin

At the end of the line Port Erin had/has? quite a large station and an engine shed to accomodate one loco.

'Loch' getting some attention outside the shed.

'Maitland' simmeringbetween turns.

and at the head of a train for Douglas

'Kissack' surrounded by some nicely painted coaches.

'Loch' running round.



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