David A Flitcroft
Railway Photography



I was 21 years old in November 1964 and pooled my birthday and Christmas presents to buy a new Edixa Prismat single lens reflex from Lawton miller's camera shop at Rhodes Bank in Oldham.It came with a 50mm standard lens and had a 42mm screw thread mount which allowed interchangeable lenses. The camera cost £55.19.6 on 28th December 1964. I still have the receipt and he camera, which still gets an odd outing for old times sake.
I had my usual visit to Manchester Victoria/Exchange and chose my usual cold and dull December day.

73137 leaves platform 1 for Llandudno

Released from the platform 70021 (minus nameplates) reverses out towards Patricroft having brought the train in fronm North Wales.

48191 runs round the back of Exchange heading for the through road at Victoria.

Victoria station pilot, standard class 4 4-6-0 No 75017 backs out of platform 10 with an empty wagon and some newspaper containers.