David A Flitcroft
Railway Photography


Loughborough 1966

Looking back I'm surprised that the photos on this page are the only ones that I took on Loughborough Midland Station. I'm horrified now that I never even visited the Great Central station. I did visit the Midland station as this is where I caught the train home for Manchester. If I remember correctly the direct train for Manchester Central was due in Loughborough about 16.30. These shots were all taken as I waited for the train.

'Black Five' 44965 heads a down iron ore train. The shadow in the foreground is of the brige which carried the former Great Central line over the Midland platforms.

over which 44844 passes with a train for Nottingham

To be followed shortly by 45393 heading for Marelebone.

Meanwhile back on the Midland line

8F 48207 heads a down iron ore train,
to be closely followed by

D151 on a down iron ore train. Looking back it is very surprising how many iron ore trains were to be seen at that time.

And finally, not taken on the same day

4472 heads south with a special. The GC bridge can be seen in the distance with the station just beyond.