David A Flitcroft
Railway Photography


Sutton Donington 1965/6

Living in Shepshed for the best part of two years was very pleasant, but as far as railway photography was concerned it was rather awkward as I had no transport and the Midland main line was five or six miles away at Sutton Bonington. Eventually I solved the problem to some degree by taking my cycle down there.By the time I got down to the lineside again it was about eight or nine months since my last visit, to Barrow. I've only realised, since looking at the photos again, how quickly the 9Fs disappeared from the scene. Presumably Toton was dieselised and it's 9Fs moved elsewhere. Certainly far more freights were worked by BR '2's Sulzer '4's and Peaks. Some steam was still to be seen though on the several visits on whichthe following were taken.

First time at the location and I remember that this was a grab shot, just had time to get the camera out and press the button as one of the original 'Peaks', D3 Skiddaw, paired with two brake tenders headed south with a mixed freight, including some coal,

as 8F 48473 heads north on an iron ore train.

Two '2's in the D52xx series head a freight south. A few months earlier this would probably have been a 9F turn.

A little out of the ordinary as 8F 48651 tows diesel shunter 12053 northwards.

'Peak' D44 heads south with a Manchester Central to St. Pancras train.

D1831 trundles northwards with a long train of coal empties.

Certainly the only 'K1' 2-6-0 that I saw on the line 62046 heading a northbound freight.

This is D1826 plus two brake tenders heading south with coal.

This 48743 again on an up coal train this time.

A grubby 'Peak' on a down ore train.

D7530 on down empties.

Finally, and unusally, Ex WD 90569 on up iron ore empties.