Manchester to Huddersfield via Diggle
David Flitcroft

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47404 at Huddersfield tunnel 47410 at Ashton Moss 47414 at Ladcastle 47416 at Roaches 47427 at Platting
Huddersfield tunnel Ashton Moss Ladcastle Roaches Miles Platting
47434 at Droylesden 47443 at Standedge 47451 Miles Platting 47456 at Platting 47460 at Saddleworth
Droylesden Standedge Tunnel Miles Platting Miles Platting Saddleworth
47491 at Ward Lane 47508 at Midge Hill cutting 47518 at Ladcastle 47545 near Mossley 47975 at Diggle
47491 By the Huddersfield canal Midge Hill cutting. Ladcastle Mossley Diggle
5305 at Droylesden 56045 at Diggle BRCW at Platting BRCW dmus on Platting bank Dmu at Platting
Steam Special Diggle Miles Platting. Miles Platting bank Miles Platting
Light 31 at Marsden Mallard at Stalybridge TP at Diggle TP at Midge Hill TP at Mossley
Marsden Stalybridge Trans Pennine at Diggle Greenfield Mossley
TP climbing away from Mossley TP for Hull at Greenfield TP leaving Mossley TP leaving Standedge Tunnel 272 TP on Saddleworth viaduct 252
Mossley Greenfield Mossley Standedge Saddleworth
Trans-Penine at Victoria Z-47214 at Huddersfield Z-47500 at Huddersfield Z-dmu Huddersfield dmu at Greenfield Station
Huddersfield Huddersfield Huddersfield Greenfield Station
dmu on Saddleworth viaduct 1975